Welcome Everyone

Adjudicator * is an initiative tracking and combat management tool for Dungeons & Dragons. It is very beta. Maybe alpha. It is meant to be used at the table and to streamline setup and tedious bookkeeping.

Choose your default settings: initiative type, damage and effect tracking
Create some monsters, players and/or NPCs. Add some stats, just a few if you are only doing initiative tracking, more if you want to track hit points, etc. Check out the list of default creatures.
Add some groups of combatants from your creature list to a quick encounter. See an example encounter.
Adjust any settings for the individual combat encounter and get to it!

More Stuff

  • Set up a friends list
  • Share monsters with your friends
  • Create a new campaign, then add an adventure, and an encounter to it
  • Track experience points and time
  • Invite friends to the same combat session [coming soonish!]

And introducing the DiceBot

Adjudicator DiceBot Roll some dice, Create a character... and so much more. Not really, just those two things.

Published in accordance (says I!) with the Open Gaming License from Wizards of the Coast.